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Telefon: +90 312 648 00 50
Faks: +90 312 648 00 60
Açıklama: POLMEN come in to activity in drapery and upholstery fabric sectory in 1992 at Ankara Polatlı. The factory is the leading firm among textile firms due to factory’s upholstery and drapery fabric that are produced in viscose, coton, polyester, and linen qualities.

At the factory, there are 24 jacquard looms, yarn preparatory, yarn dyeing and finishing departments and pattern design studio and since it was established there are annually 1 million m2 fabrics produced and 70% of the produced fabrics are particularly exported to Europe and Gulf Region Countries and other 23 countries with the cooperation of agencies. Fabric, colour and pattern syntheses specifiying as a result of the analysis and reviewing that are done according to climatic and cultural conditions of the region, are reflected to the fabric qualities and the collections are specified on the basis of countries. The different fabric qualities are preferred by especially interior architect in home and hotel decoration because the qualities have wide range of modern and classical alternatives. POLMEN, who proved to be endless of design by combining the different colours with the different fabrics, with it’s expert team make realize all of the variety expectations and designs of it’s customers.

POLMEN, who meet the demand of the most significant upholstery fabric wholesalers and sitting set producers in the exporting countires, also meet the demand of domestic customers with the showrooms bringing into service under the name of DECOCITY in Ankara and İstanbul. DECOCITY showrooms offer advantage to POLMEN work closely with it’s customers and reach larger massess and it is aimed at advertising new products and being informed of customers about usage areas of products.

POLMEN, attends international fairs that are coordinated in domestic and foreign countries in every year. By this way, the new collections presented to the valuable customers in the firm presentation stands. POLMEN, attends regularly to Heimtextil which is the most specific fair and done in January in Germany, Frankfurt, Evteks which is done in May in Istanbul and MOOD which is done in September in Belgium, Brussels.

POLMEN, gradually increases it’s part in the export volume of home textile and it is aimed at the perfect quality with it’s original and authentic designs that are used in saloons, bedrooms, ball rooms of hotels and restaurants and lots of variety areas.

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